• Larry Edmondson

    cardiac , heart


    Larry Edmondson required four different procedures performed in a single operation to save his life. A Lakeview Regional cardiothoracic surgeon was up to the task.

  • Mia O'Keefe

    We arrived at Lakeview Regional to deliver our three bundles of joy! Our entire experience from the time we walked in the door to the time we brought our last baby home was an absolute pleasure. The nurses, doctors, and staff were professional and personal.

  • Lucy Perry

    When Lucy began wheezing in the middle of the night and couldn’t draw her next breath…the emergency team at Lakeview Regional Medical Center was ready.

  • Steven Lowery

    emergency care


    When Steven woke in the middle of the night with stroke symptoms…the emergency team at Lakeview Regional Medical Center was ready.

  • April Picou



    Just over two years ago, April Picou was a happy, healthy 40-year-old who enjoyed a vibrant life and worked offshore for a catering company. But all that changed one day when she began having chest pains at work and was taken to a hospital close by. While there, she underwent an angiogram —a diagnostic tool used to uncover heart and blood vessel conditions.

  • Mary Folse

    During a recent stay with family in Covington, Mr. Folse found his wife on the ground unresponsive. Paramedics from Fire Department 12 who responded were expecting a head injury, but upon assessment of Mrs. Folse’s condition they realized it was more likely a stroke. Paramedics immediately took Mrs. Folse to Lakeview Regional Medical Center.

  • Jonell Moffett


    I was so impressed, from my pre-op to my discharge. I was scheduled for total hip replacement on Nov. 10th. I came to the hospital prior to my surgery for pre-registration, pre-op and attended very informative class on joint replacement. This is where I met your employer and what a joy she is. She even came to my room after surgery several times and called one night to check on me. She is such an asset to Lakeview