Trauma Treatment Services in Covington

Lakeview Regional Medical Center is the first and only trauma center in St. Tammany Parish. As a verified trauma center, we are equipped with the latest technology and the most skilled caregivers. We’re prepared for the region’s most critically injured patients.

What is Trauma?

Trauma, in the medical sense, refers to severe physical injuries that require immediate treatment. We offer high-quality emergency care for a number of trauma-related issues that can arise as the result of vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, pediatric cases, and a variety of other traumatic accidents.

Types of Trauma

Some examples of traumatic injuries are brain injuries, spinal cord issues, amputations, concussions, skull fractures, and cerebral contusions. Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) often result in paralysis, bowel dysfunction, and sensory loss. Traumatic amputations involve the complete or partial loss of a body part including an arm, leg, toe, or finger. Other common trauma types include crush injuries, broken bones, severe burns, puncture wounds, hemorrhages, collapsed lungs, sensory hearing loss, and dislocated jaws.

Signs of Trauma

There are a wide variety of signs and symptoms associated with traumatic injuries. The severity of these symptoms often depends on the extent of a patient’s injuries. Signs can include pain with or without swelling, breathing issues, external or internal bleeding, amnesia, severe headaches, vomiting, loss of muscle strength, coma, loss of bladder and bowel functioning, and visible deformities. Symptoms can also manifest in more underlying ways such as high fevers, metabolic rate increases, heart rate increases, and abnormal fluid accumulation.

How to be Prepared for a Trauma Emergency

Medical emergencies are often unexpected. Because of this, no one can truly be fully prepared for such a situation. However, there are things you can do beforehand to help alleviate some stress and make for a much smoother process.

The first step is to be aware of your care options ahead of time and put the information in a place where anyone in the household can find it. For instance, if Lakeview Regional Medical Center is your hospital of choice, you can write down our name and location and place the note inside of a first aid kit or in another easy-to-reach place. That way, when the ambulance comes, you can notify them of your request.

It’s also important that you have a list of all of your medications, medical history, and emergency contacts. This should also be placed in a memorable location or saved to a smartphone.

Lakeview Regional Medical Center provides trustworthy trauma emergency services, administered by our compassionate team of board-certified emergency medical physicians and our nurses. With 24-hour trauma coverage, our nationally recognized facility is always prepared to provide you with exceptional emergency care. Take advantage of our ER time tracker before you arrive to get an approximate wait time estimate.