“I may only be one person, but I can be one person who makes a difference” ~ anonymous

Volunteering is something I have done throughout my life and want to continue to do.  After retiring and making St. Tammany my new home several years ago I searched for fulfilling ways that I could volunteer and feel connected to the community, meet new friends, and share some of my skills.

Lakeview Regional Medical Center stood out to me. Since my first day volunteering in the Ducks Nest Gift Shop I knew I made the right decision to be here. Not only is Lakeview a rewarding and fulfilling place to be, but also it is fun! Everyone is welcoming and respectful whether it be with a smile, a “hello” or just a friendly nod.

All of us who volunteer at Lakeview are not here because we must be but because we can be! We are rewarded knowing we make a difference in our community. Lakeview Regional maintains its reputation for giving world class service and that is no small part due to its volunteers and their enthusiasm and generosity.  Our volunteers are an integral part of the Lakeview family and have an important role in helping to provide the best in quality care and service.

Volunteers are needed throughout the hospital to lend a helping hand, a listening ear or offer support to those in need. Our volunteers dedicate their time, energy, skills, and knowledge to make a difference in various departments. We ask our volunteers to work a minimum of four hours a week and welcome those willing to give more.

To ensure our volunteers safety as well as our patients’ we provide a hospital orientation and training session and a background check on all prospective volunteers is required.

Our Volunteer Auxiliary raises funds to support local charities. We can accomplish this goal through sales in the Duck’s Nest and various fundraisers though out the year.

If you would like to join us please contact our volunteer manager at 985-867-4166 or apply online. You will receive an application and you will be on the road to being a world class volunteer here at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.

“As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands- One for helping yourself and the other for helping others” ~Audrey Hepburn

We hope you will join hands with us very soon.

Fran Tosh


Lakeview Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary

Apply to be a Volunteer

2021 Volunteer Auxiliary Board Members

  • Antoinette Weatherly: Vice President
  • Fran Tosh: President
  • Cheryl Branch: Secretary
  • Penny Eiffert: Treasurer
  • Kathy Gibbs: Past President

Volunteer Auxiliary Board Members

Kathy Gibbs passing her Volunteer Auxiliary President pin to Fran Tosh

Viola Dickson passing her Volunteer Auxiliary Secretary pin to Cheryl Branch

June Selzer passing her Volunteer Auxiliary Past President pin to Kathy Gibbs

Volunteer Recognition

Lakeview Regional Medical Center, a campus of Tulane Medical Center, recently hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in May 2019 at Benedict’s Plantation in Mandeville, honoring its 73 devoted volunteers who have worked a total of 20,746 hours.

volunteers with 10 years

volunteers with 15 years

2019 Auxiliary Board

volunteer charity

new volunteers

10 Years (L to R)

  • Addie Lambert
  • Bette Thibodeaux
  • Margaret Pegg
  • Jane Jahncke (not pictured)

15 Years (L to R)

  • Jerry Lambert
  • Lorraine Lewis

2019 Volunteer Auxiliary Board (L to R)

  • Penny Eiffert
  • Viola Dickson
  • Antoinette Weatherly
  • Kathy Gibbs
  • Jerry Lambert
  • Henry Markel

Charities (L to R)

  • Alisha Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Dee Wild, VOA
  • Scott Bernier, Northshore Humane Society
  • Destine Lalas, Children’s Advocacy Center/Hope House
  • Rose Beau, Northshore Food Bank
  • Fred Escher, Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT)
  • Kim Kirby, Safe Harbor
  • Lynette Savoie, St. Tammany Outreach for Prevention of Suicide (STOPS)
  • Kathy Gibbs, Volunteer Auxiliary President
  • Pennies for Bread not pictured

New Volunteers (L to R)

  • Alisha Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Carroll Wood
  • Jan Morel
  • Justine Franques
  • Janice Umberger
  • Allison Trahan
  • Elena Valenti
  • Kathy Gibbs, Volunteer Auxiliary President
  • Madalyn Page, not pictured
  • Vicky Smith, not pictured