Our Patients Say it Best

April Picou

Just over two years ago, April Picou was a happy, healthy 40-year-old who enjoyed a vibrant life and worked offshore for a catering company. But all that changed one day when she began having chest pains at work and was taken to a hospital close by. While there, she underwent an angiogram —a diagnostic tool used to uncover heart and blood vessel conditions. » Read more

Jonell Moffett

I was so impressed, from my pre-op to my discharge. I was scheduled for total hip replacement on Nov. 10th. I came to the hospital prior to my surgery for pre-registration, pre-op and ateneded very informative class on joint replacement. This is where I met your employer and what a joy she is. She even came to my room after surgery several times and called one night to check on me. She is such an asset to Lakeview » Read more

Mary Folse

During a recent stay with family in Covington, Mr. Folse found his wife on the ground unresponsive. Paramedics from Fire Department 12 who responded were expecting a head injury, but upon assessment of Mrs. Folse’s condition they realized it was more likely a stroke. Paramedics immediately took Mrs. Folse to Lakeview Regional Medical Center. » Read more