Lakeview Regional Medical Center has opened a "Zen Zone" available all day, every day to all employees and physicians.

The Zen Zone is a quiet area located in the Pelican Room on the first floor of the hospital. "We wanted to provide a place for our employees to go and find peace during this difficult time," said Hiral Patel, CEO of Lakeview Regional. "They are giving every single bit of themselves to combatting this virus, and often don't have much time unwind and recharge to stay in the fight. We hope this small bit of quiet and zen-like atmosphere helps to provide them with that opportunity."

Northshore Community Foundation, through a donation from their "Community Heroes helping Healthcare Heroes" program, partnered with Lakeview Regional to furnish this room with yoga mats and work out balls for stress reduction, earphones and recliners to help relax, and diffusers filled with lavender essential oil to provide a calming space.

In addition, Lakeview Regional offers an employee assistance program through Beacon Health to assist employees with any concern or problem affecting behavioral health or well-being. This free resource includes counseling services.

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