Lakeview Regional Medical Center has recently launched Nurses On-Call, a free health information call center that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 985-867-3900 or toll free 866-452-5384. A team of experienced registered nurses provides a link to quality physicians and professional health advice, assists in making physician referrals or appointments, answers health related questions, and can simply provide information about a healthcare service.

“Nurses On-Call is a strong addition to the services we offer at Lakeview Regional,” states Jason Cobb, CEO of Lakeview Regional Medical Center. “We’re building relationships with the residents in our community by connecting them to a resource that delivers the answers and advice they need to make informed decisions about physicians, our hospital and their overall health. It’s a complement to our current offerings and enables us to build upon our reputation as a premier community health resource.”

For years, Lakeview Regional Medical Center has offered patients helpful services such as physician referrals, registration for classes, and other general services. Nurses On-Call continues to deliver those services, plus it now offers residents 24 hour access to registered nurses and customer service representatives who can answer questions, transfer callers to physicians’ offices, offers professional health advice, or provides other information.

They use American College of Emergency Physician (ACEP) protocols and are trained to triage patients and direct them to the appropriate care resource – calling 911, going to an emergency room or urgent care facility, or seeing one of Lakeview Regional’s doctors. If a caller needs to see a doctor, the nurse on the phone can transfer the caller directly to the doctor’s office. In addition to providing a great consumer service, Nurses On-Call also relieves the emergency department staff from the burden and risk of handling health advice calls.

Nurses On-Call is not meant to replace a visit with your physician, and should not be used in situations that warrant a call to 911 emergency services. �۬To access Nurses On-Call, call 985-867-3900 or toll free 866-452-5384