When a Metairie woman was losing her sight, she turned to the only doctor in the Gulf South, trained to use new technology to save her sight. It's the first procedure that can help people with macular degeneration.

At 85-years-old, Lorelei Cazaubon loves to read her digital books.

"Reading, I'm off in another world. You don't know all your problems. And day to day things, you have another life more or less," said Lorelei Cazaubon, who worked as a secretary until she was 79.

But macular degeneration, where the center of the retina deteriorates, stole her central vision.

"You don't see as well to walk. You can't read the news paper. That's a given," said Cazaubon who used The Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans to help her function in daily life.

"The patient's vision slowly gets worse and worse. They'd have greater difficulties recognizing faces. Patients can be very upset because they lose some of their independence. They're become reliant on their family for even tasks as simple as making a phone call, " explained Dr. Satya Reddy, an Ophthalmologist and cornea specialist at Louisiana Cornea Specialists in Covington.

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