As facilities across the country celebrate Spiritual Care Week (Oct. 24-30), Lakeview Regional Medical Center, a campus of Tulane Medical Center, announces a new partnership with Baptist Community Ministries in establishing its first Spiritual Care Program. The Rev. Phineas Marr will provide patients and caregivers with non-denominational spiritual guidance and support while receiving medical treatment at the Northshore hospital.

According to the American Hospital Association, in 2015, 70% of the nearly 5000 hospitals surveyed provided pastoral care services, up from 53% in 2002. “For many reasons, personal and professional, the last 18 months has challenged all of us in different ways,” said Hiral Patel, Lakeview Regional CEO. “The need for spiritual care and connection is even more important today. I am excited to have the Rev. Phin join our team; he will help complete the circle of care we provide all patients and our employees.”

Services provided by chaplains include listening to patient concerns about their health and care, being present with patients and family during times of crisis, and contacting the religious community and its leaders on behalf of a patient. Chaplains also advocate for patient concerns, provide religious literature, and perform religious rituals to keep with the chaplain’s religious tradition. Lakeview Regional offers a chapel for prayer, meditation, or quiet time on the first floor near the visitor elevators, adjacent to Subway.

The Rev. Phineas Marr came to Lakeview Regional with nearly 35 years of experience as a pastor and teacher of religious studies. He has held leadership positions in various ministerial bodies locally and nationally. He moved to Louisiana in 2018 to marry his wife, Missy. Most recently, the Rev. Marr served as one of two staff chaplains at University Medical Center in New Orleans and then as chaplain of Maison Orleans and Covenant Nursing Home in New Orleans. “Spirit is that part of you that lifts your awareness above the auto-pilot we live on most of the time. Everybody has spirit regardless of religion. It can be underdeveloped or very developed, but it is there in all of us.” Said Reverend Marr.

The Rev. Marr earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Rutgers University, NJ, and obtained a Master of Divinity degree from the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary of Eastern University) in Philadelphia, PA. Additionally, he earned a Master of Science in Education with a Counseling Emphasis degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He is currently in the process of seeking board certification from the Association of Professional Chaplains.