Mae Webb, founder of ENA and Lakeview Staff Members Beth Cox, Angelica Brookshire, John Becklehimer and Jeromi Terry-Green

On Friday Aug. 16, 2013, nearly 100 Nurses attended the Louisiana Emergency Nurse Association Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It is with great admiration that Lakeview Regional Medical Center had three employees walk away with two awards and two scholarships awarded by their peers and the Louisiana Council of Emergency Nurses for their dedication and commitment to emergency nursing.

Angelica Brookshire, RN received the Injury Prevention Advocate Award
– This award honors an active ENA Injury Prevention volunteer who has served as a leader in the development and promotion of injury prevention programs in Louisiana.
Angelica displays an absolute passion for injury prevention—especially for the children and adolescents. Her community had a need for getting the message through to the teenage kids about the awareness of distractive driving and underage drinking. Her involvement with the Sudden Impact Program for the State of Louisiana is remarkable. The program itself is life changing by all who attend. Spreading the news about safety and prevention has absolutely saved many lives of these young new drivers on our roads.  
John Becklehimer, RN received the Patient Champion Award-- This award honors an emergency department nurse who advocates actively for patients and their families and inspires other team members to inform, educate, and advocate for “Safe Practice, Safe Care”
John is a strong advocate for every patient and family member he comes in contact with in his ED. His gentle demeanor is hallmark. He never acts in other than a most professional and compassionate manner—even in the most stressful situations. His calm is palpable. He inspires other team members to inform, educate and advocate for safe practice and care. His leadership, efforts, and attitude have made the ED a better place to work.  His goal in life is to always strive to make a difference in someone’s life—big or small. At the end of the day, he has no regrets of whether he gave completely of himself—I promise you he did.
Sierra Stewart, PCT received the Shay Ives Student Nurse Award valued $250.00-- Sierra Stewart is an LSU student nursing. She has worked as an ER Tech for the past year between Lakeview and Tulane ED’s. Sierra is a high energy go getter who sets personal goals—with all intentions on reaching them. Sierra’s dream is to become an ER Nurse. She has learned so much during this year—she is eager to achieve her aspiration of being the Best ER Nurse she can be! Sierra is a true team player. She is always willing to help her colleagues out—especially when she is needed in last minute staffing situations. Sierra, will be graduating from LSU Nursing School of Nursing in December of 2013. She is a member of Student Nursing Association and Emergency Nurse Association.

Angelica Brookshire, RN applied and was awarded the
Keith Richard Emergency Nurse Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship valued $500.00. Angelica Brookshire is presently enrolled at Southeastern University in the RN-BSN program. Angelica is thrilled to be back in school pursuing her dream to receive her Bachelor Science Nursing Degree. Angelica has been a practicing Emergency Nurse for 17 years. She became a Trauma Nursing Core Course Instructor and loves teaching other nurses this amazing course. Her dream is to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the focus on emergency nursing. Angelica is a woman with strong conviction and determination to reach her goals in advancing to a BSN degree. She is willing to take this journey to pursue her education and career path.