Lakeview Regional Medical Center, a campus of Tulane Medical Center, was recently presented the 2019 Hospital of the Year Award for Respiratory Care by the Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care. Lakeview Regional received the recognition among its peers of hospitals with less than 200 beds for demonstrating and meeting criteria related to enhancing and promoting the profession of respiratory care and having achieved successful outcomes within its facility and community.

“Respiratory therapists around the world are playing a crucial role during the COVID-19 outbreak, so it’s an especially uplifting honor to receive this award in respiratory care,” said John Blender, cardiopulmonary supervisor at Lakeview Regional. “This recognition acknowledges our team’s dedication to going above and beyond in providing patients with the best possible care.”

There has been an increase in demand for respiratory therapists during the pandemic. They are responsible for assessing blood gases, assisting with intubations and bronchoscopies, and providing specialized expertise in ventilator management.

“When we talk about heroes fighting on the front lines of COVID-19, we’re talking about people like our respiratory therapists,” said Hiral Patel, Lakeview Regional CEO. “We couldn’t care for our sickest patients without the countless hours our therapists are putting forth right now, and I am proud – but in no way surprised – to see our team honored for the incredible work they do.”

In addition to providing critical inpatient care, Lakeview Regional’s respiratory care team hosts several community events and classes to improve the region’s health status. The American Lung Association Better Breathers Club offers support and education to patients and those in the community who are living with lung conditions such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and asthma. The meetings provide tools to help patients stay active and healthy while living the best quality of life possible.

Smoking cessation classes are held weekly at Lakeview Regional and provide participants with the tools and guidance they need to quit smoking permanently. The classes help individuals discover why they smoke and help break down barriers to quitting, utilizing a step-wise approach to ending addiction.

For more information and to register for the free classes, please call (985) 867-3898.

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