Patient reunites with healthcare workers to thank them.

The Greatest Reward

Four years ago, Michael Doherty's life changed forever when he sustained a spinal-cord injury during a St. Paul's football playoff game. It's been a journey, one that is not over yet, but his story continues to inspire everyone who has been called to serve in healthcare. In this episode of Lakeview Regional Medical Center’s "House Calls" podcast, Michael recognizes the doctors, nurses and therapists that made a difference when it mattered. 

Hearing from patients like Michael is important to his care team. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, healthcare workers have worked tirelessly to protect others' lives. As a result of this heroism, our community, and communities around the world, have stood up and applauded the work they do. However, hospitals fear staffing shortages, and according to a report from the American Association of Medical Colleges, the United States is projected to face a shortage of between 54,000 and 139,000 physicians by 2033. The impact of COVID-19 is likely to have short- and long-term consequences on the medical workforce.

"Now is the time to highlight some of the things that make a career in healthcare so rewarding," said Jenny Gensler, host of House Calls and account executive for Tulane Health System, which includes Lakeview Regional. "It's a powerful thing to serve in healthcare. There is no greater reward than to have a patient come back and say 'thank you.'"

House Calls is an ongoing series of conversations addressing topics that are relevant to all of us, such as health insurance, smoking cessation, heart health, distracted driving, do-it-yourself project safety and more.

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