Bret Kolman, CEO

Lakeview Regional Medical Center and Health to You (H2U), a national provider of employer health services, are pleased to announce the H2U Health Center has opened for the hospital’s employees and their dependents. Employees and their dependents can access

The H2U Health Center for their immediate primary care needs. 

In addition, the H2U Health Center will be available to employees of a select number of local businesses who partner with Lakeview Regional Medical Center to offer this same benefit to their employees and dependents. Participating employers would gain convenient access and save money on healthcare by paying a negotiated, lower cost through H2U. 

The H2U Health Centers exclusively offer a broad range of services to employees of participating employers. Services include:

  • Acute/episodic care
  • Preventive care
  • Chronic condition coordination
  • Laboratory services
  • Optional telemedicine

“Like other employers in this community, we are also challenged with rising healthcare costs. Through our own wellness program and, more recently, the addition of the H2U Health Center, we are creating a culture of health by providing the resources to encourage, support, and afford our employees and their families the opportunity to live healthier, more productive lives,” said Bret Kolman, CEO at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.  

Employers are striving to balance their need to provide the highest level of healthcare benefits to their employees with their own financial goals. They want to successfully control healthcare costs without reducing medical benefits. An H2U Health Center that is exclusively available to employees of participating employers can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and lower costs by improving access to care, keeping employees healthy and by managing healthcare delivery costs. In addition, the H2U Health Center provides care coordination with the patients’ other healthcare providers.

Many adults experience gaps in care because they do not have a primary care relationship or because they don’t have the time to seek care during working hours. Access to convenient and affordable care at or near the worksite is an emerging trend that will help employers of all sizes address their workforce health and wellness needs. Employees of participating employers will also have access to the growing nationwide network of employer-sponsored H2U Health Centers. 

“While the H2U Health Center will help us reduce rising healthcare costs, improving the health of our employees and their families is our first priority. We consider the H2U Health Center to be an investment in our employees, as well as the future of Lakeview Regional Medical Center,” said Kolman. “This investment will also help us focus more on preventing illness and helping both our employees and our community lead healthier lives.”