Dr. James Christopher

Lakeview Regional Physician Group, Surgical Specialist Dr. James Christopher has performed the first single-site (single incision) robotic gall bladder removal on the Northshore using the da Vinci® Si robot at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.

Single-site is the latest technology which allows a surgeon to perform gall bladder removal through a small incision in the belly button leaving virtually no scar. Traditional surgery for gall bladder removal involves either an incision several inches long or several smaller incisions if done laparoscopically. The smaller incision with a robotic single-site surgery means not only less scar for the patient, but less pain and quicker recovery.

The da Vinci® Surgical System uses breakthrough technology to offer a minimally invasive alternative for many complex surgical procedures. With single-site instrumentation, procedures are conducted through just one port inserted through the patient's navel. This allows all the instruments for surgery, including a three-dimensional camera and two surgical instruments, to pass through a single incision. The more slender instruments, along with the benefits of robotic assistance, enhance the surgeon's skills and make the surgery even less invasive for the patient. As an alternative to open surgery, the da Vinci® robot also provides additional benefits for the patient, including less pain, fewer side effects, smaller incisions, a reduced risk of infection, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to normal activities.

Dr. James Christopher, a US Navy-trained general surgeon, describes robotic surgery as "a more precise procedure" and says, "I'm very excited to be part of introducing one of the most significant advances in improved surgical techniques to our community. It's a game changer for not only patients in terms of recovery and incision size, but for the surgeon as it relates to ergonomics and visualization of the surgical field."

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