Bret Kolman, Lakeview Regional�۪s Chief Executive Officer

Lakeview Regional Medical Center is now the only hospital on the Northshore to offer 24/7 neurosurgery services for patients. With six board-certified neurosurgeons available around the clock, Lakeview Regional is prepared to handle injuries or diseases of the head, brain and spine. The addition of 24/7 neurosurgery services to Lakeview Regional's partnership with Tulane Neurology makes Lakeview Regional the foremost hospital for neurological care on the Northshore. 

A neurosurgeon is a highly trained medical professional who specializes in surgery on the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system.  Regarded as one of the most complex specialties in the medical field, neurosurgery training takes 6 to 8 years to complete, and only after a medical degree has been earned.  It is an extremely competitive field with most residency programs accepting a mere 1 to 3 residents per year. A neurologist also treats disorders of the brain, spine and nervous system, but does not provide surgical treatment. Therefore, in a comprehensive hospital program both specialties are critical. 

"The average cost to train a neurosurgeon is $1.2 million. This, combined with the extensive time commitment for training, means fewer and fewer of these specialists will be available in the coming years," states Bret Kolman, Lakeview Regional’s Chief Executive Officer. “Emergencies related to head or spine injury can be extremely time-sensitive. Not all hospital emergency rooms have physicians on staff who are trained to treat these potentially life-threatening conditions. We are thrilled to be able to provide this service to St. Tammany Parish so that families won't lose precious seconds crossing the lake." 

Neurosurgeons at Lakeview Regional respond to trauma related injuries and stroke, as well as aneurysms, tumors, back pain and herniated disks, among other problems. The neurosurgeons include: Drs. Eric Oberlander, Justin Owen, Louis Provenza, Richard Stanger, Lori Summers and Alan Weems. The neurologists are: Drs. Roger Kelley, Ramy El Khoury, Angela Traylor and Morteza Shamsnia.