Springtime in Southeastern Louisiana is the perfect time for enjoying activities such as gardening, playing tennis and golf, and even doing some spring cleaning. For many with osteoarthritis pain, those activities may seem impossible. While anti-inflammatory drugs may help some, for others more extreme measures may be needed. Total joint replacements are utilized to relieve the pain and disability caused by severe arthritis.

Lakeview Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Services offers a “Total Joint Replacement Class” to better prepare Total/Partial Joint Replacement patients for their upcoming surgery. The class is presented by Deborah Dendy, an Orthopedic Case Manager; Lisa Echete, Pre-Operative Admit Nurse; Lizette Alvarado, Orthopedic Coordinator; and Elizabeth Daigle, Physical Therapist specializing in orthopedic patients and rehabilitation, who collectively will educate patients on the anticipated expectations of post-op care and progress, as well as pain management, mobility, physical therapy and occupational therapy, diet, and care partners. Care partners, who are encouraged to attend, are family members or caregivers that will assist in care once the patient is discharged home, and they play an essential role in recovery.
“Patients will resume all of their hobby's and extracurricular activities and have a new outlook on life, once the procedures have been complete,” states Alvarado. “This class has been very successful for our patients and we highly recommend attending, even if surgery has not yet been schedule.”

With an ever increasing number of older Americans retiring to this region Lakeview Regional seeks to provide the best overall care to its patients. Bret Kolman, Lakeview Regional’s Chief Executive Officer states “We believe an educated patient will have the best success, and we find the patients’ anxieties are relieved as much as possible before their operations when they have all the necessary information needed to make individual health care choices.”

Classes are held twice a month, with the next class (March 2nd in the Magnolia Room) registering now for those planning to schedule a total knee or total hip replacement. Please call (985) 867-4054 to get more information and register for the class. Future class dates, to be held in the Pelican Room, are March 17, April 13, April 27, May 11 and May 26.