Lakeview Regional Medical Center, a campus of Tulane Medical Center, is celebrating its recent Level III Trauma Center designation on February 23 at 10 a.m. in the Pelican Room in the main hospital building. Lakeview Regional, the first and only St. Tammany Parish hospital to achieve this designation, provides this life-saving level of service to the area’s most critically injured patients.

Lakeview Regional CEO Bret Kolman acknowledges that it takes a comprehensive team to make it all happen. “This event is special because we get to honor our team of physicians and staff that put in so much work over the past several years to accomplish this goal, and without whom this would not be possible,” Kolman said. “In addition, we can share the distinction with our extended team of first responders who give these patients a better chance of survival before arriving at our ER.”

Lakeview Regional was awarded the Level III Trauma Center designation in October of 2017.

The lead physicians for Lakeview Regional’s trauma team will be present at the event to outline how this certification has improved the speed at which critical patients can be received, assessed and treated. That team of doctors includes Dr. Marco Hidalgo, trauma medical director and Dr. Lance Wehrly, lead orthopedic surgeon.

“Time is often of critical importance when it comes to traumatic injuries,” Dr. Hildago said. “The faster a person can get to the right place, the better chances for a good outcome.”

Dr. Sutherland, Trauma Medical Director for LERN, will be present at the event, as well as leaders from local EMS, fire and police agencies.

Trauma patients in attendance include Michael Doherty, who sustained a traumatic spine injury last fall during a St. Paul’s football game; Carol Schwartz, who sustained a laceration on her leg; and Sandra Long, who suffered a fall in her home. Any person who has received service at Lakeview as a result of a traumatic injury is invited to join us for this event and share their story.