On August 1, 2019, Lakeview Regional Medical Center's twenty-four (24) Junior Volunteers were honored at an appreciation party hosted by the hospital for their 738 service hours contributed during the summer months.

Alisha Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator and Chris Atkinson, VP of Human Resources welcomed attending junior volunteers, their parents, and senior volunteers. Several staff members who worked closely with the students spoke very highly of the professionalism, attentiveness, and dedication.

The Junior Volunteers assisted in many areas of the hospital including Education, Quality Management, Radiology, Emergency Room, Outpatient Surgery, Cath Lab, Labor and Delivery, OB/Peds, and Outpatient Rehab. Lakeview wishes our junior volunteers success in the upcoming school year and as a reminder they can still volunteer here at Lakeview during their school breaks during the year. The junior volunteers included- Precious Amiewalan, Madison Cacioppo, Elisa Di Stanislao, Jacob Ehrlicher, Hannah Eiselen, Kennedy Flauss, Lauren Hillburn, Cadence Jackson, Christian Kennedy, Kylie Kieff, Yunnie Lam, Sarah Morella, Maggie Pierson, Emory Powell, Jake Romig, Mason Scariano, Sabrina Stone, Nicole Talamo, Nicholas Talamo, Ashley Taylor, Gabi Treadway, Mia Treeby, Hailly Waterhouse, and Joyce Zhen.