Dr. Frank Arena

Lakeview Regional Medical Center is launching a new education series for employees, physicians, volunteers and general public which we are calling "Lakeview Lunch and Learns." 

The goal of this series is to keep you up to date on the services available at Lakeview, both old and new, and to offer education on health topics in a format that is short and sweet, but that connects you to the information that you or your loved ones need. 

Lakeview Lunch and Learns will take place once a month in the Pelican Room, beginning at 11am and repeating the same talk at 1130 am, each talk lasting 30 minutes.  Basic sandwiches and chips will be served with bottled water so that employees who are interested in using their lunch time to attend the presentation can do so without stopping in the cafeteria. 

The format for each talk will be the same, with a slide presentation that gives an overview of what you’ll learn, a presentation by either a physician or Lakeview staff member on the most relevant and up to date information on that topic plus time for questions at the end. 

The first Lunch and Learn topic is on Thursday, May 8, at 11 a.m. and at 11:30 a.m. with Dr. Frank Arena presenting: "A Frank Talk with Dr. Frank: The Latest in Treatment for Venous Disease Including DVTs and Pulmonary Embolism." 

What you will learn: What is the latest in recognition and treatment of DVT and PE at Lakeview?What are the risk factors?  When should you take action? 

Who should attend: Anyone interested in getting answers to their questions about venous disease, people with a known clotting disorder, people with a history of having DVT or PE or those who have family members with a history of these conditions