Hospital CEO Bret Kolman

The fallout from the sudden shutdown of the Louisiana Heart Hospital in Lacombe has put plenty of pressure on the remaining health care providers in St. Tammany Parish, said Lakeview Regional Medical Center CEO Bret Kolman, adding that there is still much more to come on the financial end of the big news.

Three weeks after LHH announced it would be closing its doors after 13 years in operation the other major hospitals in the parish immediately created job fairs and online interview opportunities for over 600 employees suddenly out of work, many with only days of notice.

Since that time there are close to 200 employees who have been hired from the Heart Hospital, many breaking down in tears to see the open arms of other health care providers in the region trying to help, Kolman said.

“The closing of another hospital is a terrible thing for everyone, particularly in our industry,” Kolman said. “I’m sick for these people. We have talked to many who had only a few days notice, and many lost paid time off, or planned vacations.

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