Dr. Marco Hidalgo, Medical Director of the trauma program at Lakeview Regional Medical Center, named a 2020 Health Care Hero by CityBusiness

Dr. Hidalgo oversee the first Level III Trauma Center on the Northshore. With his guidance and expertise, Lakeview Regional completed the 3-year journey toward becoming a recognized designated trauma center in 2017. Dr. Hidalgo spends countless hours providing education to our internal staff, as well as to members of our community through numerous outreach programs. He is viewed by his peers as a leader in communication and collaboration with physicians across multiple disciplines, improving the quality and efficiency of care across the entire system. His commitment is demonstrated by the efforts he has put into our process improvement strategies and policies.

Dr. Hidalgo serves willingly as the voice of our program throughout the Northshore. He is a leading expert on trauma and works closely with the media when expert opinions are needed. He attends community events and provides trauma education for the Mandeville Fire Department, Northshore EMS, Lacombe Fire Department and Acadian Ambulance Service, spending countless hours with each organization providing the most current and advanced information on trauma procedures.

Within the hospital setting, Dr. Hidalgo presents educational programming for our community members. Recently, he delivered a presentation on a hip fracture initiative he is implementing. This initiative focuses on getting patients with a hip fracture to the operating room within 24 hours.

A dedicated husband and father, Dr. Hidalgo is an example for others to follow on how a successful medical professional with a high pressure role can balance work and family responsibilities. Dr. Hidalgo is a vital and essential member of the Lakeview Regional team. His commitment to the welfare of his patients and our community is evident in both his professional and personal endeavors.