Daisy Award

Katherine Ferguson,Behavioral Health

I would like to thank my nurse and share my story of why this nurse is so special:

It's hard to know where to begin to tell you how wonderful Katherine Ferguson is, but I will try. She is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Several times during my hospital stay, Katherine spent time talking with me at the bedside. I was immediately comfortable sharing with her what brought me to the hospital, and it felt so good to talk about it with someone who is not emotionally involved, but still listens with a compassionate ear. Just having those gentle conversations with her helped me to not only identify the root of my anxiety, but also acknowledge it. She helped me to realize that I can think about things with a different perspective. Although it is a work in progress, that realization has proven to be very liberating. The time she spent with was every bit as significant in my recovery as the doctor's diagnosis and treatment. An example of her generosity still amazes me when I think about it. I had asked for lip balm but there was none on the unit. Following a 12-hour night shift, Katherine left the hospital, purchased lip balm and came back to the hospital that same morning to bring it to me. What?? Who does that?? I will tell you - Katherine Ferguson does that!! Before my discharge, I received much more than discharge instructions. Katherine took the time to prepare several handwritten affirmations for me. She also shared some of her books for me to take home with beautiful handwritten messages in each which I will always treasure. I appreciate Katherine so very much; not only for the material gifts, but especially for devoting her personal time and thought for my benefit. Katherine Ferguson cares deeply for all of her patients. I know this because other patients shared with me the kind of care they received; everything from that valuable time at the bedside to finding clothes for a female patient who was admitted in the middle of the night with nothing but what she was wearing. If you are looking for a caring and compassionate nurse to honor with the DAISY Award, look no further.