The St. Tammany Parish Library Association and Lakeview Regional Medical Center are proud to announce a partnership to host “Are You Tough Enough….To Get Healthy? An Event For Men Who Don’t Think They Need A Doctor .” This free event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 22 from 10am to 2pm at the new Madisonville branch of the St. Tammany Parish Library, 1123 Main Street, Madisonville, Louisiana.  Ladies are also welcome to attend.

Of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead women in all except Alzheimer’s—mostly because women live longer than men. Statistics show that men go to the doctor less than women, and are more likely to have a serious health condition when they do go. “Men seem to put their health last, so we have organized this event in an effort to get them the health information they need before ending up in a backless gown,” states Bret Kolman, Lakeview Regional Chief Executive Officer. “Men believe that as long as they are providing for their families they are doing enough. They don’t consider how neglecting their own personal health will ultimately affect their families more than their financial health.”

The event will feature the following free Health Pep Talks:

10:00am:  Man’s #1 Enemy (how to stop hardening of the arteries)

10:30am:  Dad’s Out to Lunch….Or Is He? (recognizing signs of mental decline)

11:00am:  Breathing Easy: Not All That Wheezes Is COPD (bronchitis or COPD?)

11:30am:  If You’re Not Talking About It, Who Is? (erectile dysfunction)

12:00pm:  You’re A Pain In My Knee (when to have knee replacement surgery)

12:30pm:  We’re Looking Forward To Seeing Less Of You (weight loss surgery)

1:00pm:     Surviving A Manogram (prostate screening and cancer forum)

1:00pm:     Pillow Talk:  Supporting Your Man After Prostate Surgery

1:30pm:     The Light At The End Of Your Tunnel (preventing colon cancer)

Physicians from a variety of specialties will also be available for private one-on-one huddles for guys too tough to sit through a presentation.

Covington Brewhouse will be hosting a beer tasting from 12-1pm and door prizes will be awarded, including a chance to win 2 tickets to your choice of a Saints home game For questions regarding this event, please contact Jenny Boyd at (985) 867-4441.