Dr Marco Hidalgo

Lakeview Regional Medical Center recently announced it has expanded its Emergency Room (ER) services to include 24-hour trauma coverage, including trauma surgery, becoming the first St. Tammany Parish facility to offer this level of service. Dr. Marco Hidalgo has joined the staff at Lakeview Regional Medical Center as the Medical Director of Trauma, overseeing the treatment of trauma cases involving motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, falls, and other life-threatening injuries from traumatic events.

Lakeview Regional Medical Center has a variety of surgeons and specialists on site 24-hours a day to respond within minutes of a trauma call. “When a patient arrives at a hospital within 60 minutes, or the ‘Golden Hour,’ they have better outcomes,” states Dr. Hidalgo. “Time can be the difference between life and death.” A key piece of being able to handle trauma in an emergency room is having depth in specialties such as neurosurgery, because concussions and head injuries are often part of trauma injuries.  “Lakeview Regional has five neurosurgeons on staff and has the highest level of neurosurgical capabilities in St. Tammany Parish,” states Bret Kolman, Chief Executive Officer for Lakeview Regional. “We are committed to providing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of physicians for every patient in St. Tammany Parish. You can count on us to care for you when any type of unforeseen accident happens.”

Dr. Hidalgo received his Medical Degree from Tulane University. He served his residency at Tulane as a General Surgery Resident and Chief Administrative Resident. Dr. Hidalgo worked as a staff surgeon at River Region Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi until the time he came to Lakeview Regional. He has also been trained in wound care, including hyperbarics, and has received extensive training in Da Vinci robot single site surgery. He is a member of the American College of Surgeons and has written several peer review articles and presented oral presentations.