Volunteer Information

volunteer at Lakeview Regional Medical CenterOn behalf of the Board of Directors of the Lakeview Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary, I would like to invite you to join our team of dedicated volunteers.

Lakeview Regional Medical Center is a busy and progressive hospital where everyone is dedicated to providing the best in patient care. The Volunteer Auxiliary was chartered by the State in 1987 and all proceeds raised by the Volunteers are given back to the community. By joining our team, you can make new friends and explore the different opportunities that volunteering provides. Volunteering can make a difference in your life, plus in the lives of LRMC patients, their families, visitors and staff.  I know from experience, the hours spent at LRMC is rewarding and satisfying.  When a person volunteers they get to meet different people from different backgrounds and cultures.  Most of all it is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to others.

Our volunteers serve in many departments, including the admit desk, visitors desk, various waiting rooms, sunshine cart, gift shop, outpatient surgery area, radiology and office areas.  All monies raised in our Duck’s Nest Gift Shop, $5.00 Jewelry Sales, Book Sales, Luxury Linen Sales, bake sales and various other fundraisers, are donated to various charities within St. Tammany Parish, which the Auxiliary votes on each year in March and presented to the recipients at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

Being a volunteer at Lakeview Regional Medical Center we receive:

  • Recognition Awards
  • A free meal in the cafeteria for working a 4 hour shift
  • Courtesy discounts in the Duck’s Nest Gift Shop
  • Complimentary Uniform
  • Free Membership to our H2U Health & Wellness Program
  • Volunteers are also included in all hospital celebrations and gatherings

We do ask that our volunteers work at least four hours each week and we will gladly assist you with an area you would like to work, as well as time and the day that fits your schedule.  I can personally assure you that you will be working alongside some very pleasant and dedicated people in all areas.
We hold bi-monthly informational meetings with continental breakfast.  These meetings are held to keep us up-to-date on volunteer auxiliary services as well as what is happening in the hospital.

Through many meaningful activities, our volunteers help further the objectives of the hospital and provide the best possible support and comfort for our patients, their families, staff and visitors. We look forward to you joining us and serving our patients and the community.

Volunteers are angels who give from the heart!  I hope that you want to share a little of your time and your good heart by becoming a member of Lakeview Regional Medical Center’s Volunteer Auxiliary. I can personally attest that volunteering continuously teaches me something new about people, about cooperation, about compassion, and about myself.  In helping others, I am reminded that we are all in this together and we need to support each other.  Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves.

To ensure that all volunteers can do their job safely and in a professional manner, all volunteers have to complete a background check and a mandatory hospital orientation. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Laurie Spurlin, Volunteer Manager at (985) 867-3951 to receive an application and begin the journey into volunteerism and the great feeling it brings.

June M. Selzer
President, Lakeview Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary