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Lakeview Regional Medical Center

Emergency Care

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Emergency Care and ER Services for St. Tammany Parish

When seconds count, count on us. Lakeview Regional Medical Center is always prepared for emergency care, 24 hours, seven days a week, the first facility in St. Tammany Parish to offer this level of service. Patients can expect to receive a high-quality level of immediate care and treatment for all medical emergencies — involving motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, falls, pediatric trauma cases, and any other life-threatening injuries from traumatic events. We offer rapid medical evaluations to patients entering our emergency care center, which has reduced wait times, some of the shortest in the area.

When to Seek ER Services

When you or a loved one is suffering from a trauma injuries or illness, it can be difficult to decide how severe the symptoms are. Those with serious, life-threatening issues or complications that increase the risk for disability should seek immediate ER care. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe allergic reactions, sudden and unusual headaches or dizziness, electric shock, heavy bleeding, possible broken bones, head injuries, high fevers, and severe pain in any area of the body indicate that you should seek emergency care.

Symptoms of a heart attack can be difficult to recognize, but it is crucial that anyone experiencing this medical emergency comes in for treatment immediately. Symptoms may include unexplained anxiety or confusion, back pain or pain in the left arm or shoulder, loss of consciousness, nausea or stomach pain, shortness of breath, or a squeezing, heavy chest pain.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you may be having a medical emergency. Please call 911.

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Board Certified ER Physicians

Our emergency department is staffed entirely by board certified emergency medicine physicians as well as certified emergency nurses specially trained in advanced cardiac life support. Lakeview Regional Medical Center has five neurosurgeons on staff and has one of the highest level of neurosurgical capabilities in St. Tammany Parish. At Lakeview Regional Medical Center, our trauma team is fully trained to treat all trauma injuries from patients of all ages, 24-hours a day.

Nationally Recognized Emergency Care

Lakeview Regional Medical Center is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s top performers on key quality measures outlined by the Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of healthcare organizations in America. Lakeview Regional Medical Center has achieved high performance based on data reported about evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve emergency care for certain conditions, including heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care, and children’s asthma. Lakeview Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the Mandeville and Covington area to have received this recognition.

Pre-Hospital 12-Lead EKG Technology

Even before a heart attack victim arrives via ambulance at Lakeview Regional Medical Center's trauma center, our emergency physicians and cardiologists have already diagnosed the problem. St. Tammany Parish ambulances are now equipped with the 12-lead EKG, which transmits a full view of the heart to our ER physicians. This allows our ER doctors to provide a quick diagnosis and prepare for incoming heart attack victims. The streamlined process saves time and, therefore, reduces damaged heart muscle.


Lakeview Regional Medical Center is proud to be a healthcare center of excellence, and our experienced trauma team is well equipped to offer full-service, 24 hour emergency care in any situation. In case of an emergency, trust our specialists for compassionate care services.