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    Lakeview Regional Medical Center Announces New Cardiologist

    Lakeview Regional Medical Center is proud to announce the addition of Dr. George J. Smith, MD, a physician practicing Interventional Cardiology and specializing in coronary and peripheral interventions. He has 26 years of clinical and interventional cardiology experience, including experience with two cardiac transplant centers. Dr. Smith trained with the originator of thrombolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction in New York City, and pioneered the development of coronary directional, rotational and laser atherectomy, as well as coronary and peripheral stenting in the Mid-South.

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    Lakeview Regional Medical Center Releases Online Portal to Patients

    Patients can now view their allergies, conditions, discharge summaries, hospital visit histories, lab results, medications, medication instructions, lab results, radiology reports and upcoming appointments from anywhere with internet access. Patients can also download and print this information so it is readily available for scheduled appointments, referral visits or when supporting a loved one’s care.

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